• Please attached a 5 second video with your name, age and a bit about yourself, i.e. previous work in the television or theatre industry.
  • Make sure the images are in a .JPEG format, less than 3MB in size.
  • Photos must include face, ½ length, full length, 1 casual, 1 smart, 1bikini or long shorts (men) if you are comfortable and have the right body, photo of hands – we need 10 photos in total, no airbrushed photos, or added stars, flowers, bunny ears, etc, no food on babies faces, selfies acceptable if GOOD.
  • Pls see our home page for reference photos.
  • Fill in sizes correctly.
  • Initial audition during Covid, will be a video which our client will request, and you will need to be able to follow directions given by DJ’s staff, DJ’s will use whatsapp to contact you.
  • Videos need to be returned by time given to you, late arrival of video cannot be accepted.
  • You need time to go to auditions and shoots during the week, during lockdown (Covid 19) auditions will be done via ZOOM, SKYPE or scheduled time.
  • Wardrobe and rehearsal are required before shoot.
  • A day on set is 12 hours, you will not be able to leave the set during the day, shoot days often start at 5am or 6am in the morning, late arrivals not accepted.
  • Travel to and from set, is your responsibility.
  • Students who are studying theatre or film performance, please send current cv and reference contact numbers, i.e. teachers, production houses, directors etc.
  • Actors and presenters, models CV’s needed with contactable numbers.
  • Sports and Hobbies, if you have a specific sport which you belong to a team or club, or a hobby such as art, skateboarding etc., which you are BRILLIANT, please add to your portfolio.
  • Your portfolio will be sent to you once accepted, so that you can fill in all info. and update regularly.
  • DJ’s uses your photos to advertise you i.e. we send your photo to clients regularly for jobs, use on Facebook, Instagram and our advertising sites.
  • Start your own Instagram to boost your profile.
  • Required-Compulsory – copy id or birth certificate, tax number SARS (IRP 5).
  • IRP 5 issued by client not DJ’s.
  • DJ’s does not allow talent under 18 years of age to join without parental consent.
  • Payments 90 days from month end of shoot, not the shoot day, our accounts section handles all payments.
  • DAY FEE – this is the actual day you are on set.
  • USAGE FEE – only paid if featured i.e. recognisable (your face is on screen for 5 seconds or more).
  • Once you have been paid for a FEATURED role – you cannot do a competitive product whilst the commercial is on air, i.e. if you have been featured in a Fanta commercial you cannot do a Coca Cola commercial, or similar product
  • If DJ’s do not reply within 14 days of you sending your information and photos – unfortunately, you do not have the right look for the current trend.
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